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Enhancements: Tax Compliance Status

Enhancements: Tax Compliance Status

30 October 2023 – The Tax Compliance Status (TCS) process relating to the approval of international transfer (AIT) applications have been adjusted to address feedback from stakeholders. Below is a summary of the key revisions:

TCS Application Form (TCR01):

  • All the fields under the “Foreign Assets and Liabilities Details” container have been made optional based on the date the TCS applicant ceased to be a South African tax resident.
  • The “Net Worth” field under the “Assets and Liabilities Details” container has been amended to “Net Amount (At cost)”.
  • The “Trust No.” and “Passport No. of Main Trustee/Representative Taxpayer of the Trust” under the “Local and Foreign Trust Details” container, and the “Local and Foreign Loan to a Trust Details” container have been made optional when “Foreign Trust” is selected.
  • The “Trust No.” under the “Distribution from Trust Additional Details” container has been made optional when the “Foreign Trust” is selected.
  • The “Share code” field and “Number of shares sold” field under the “Sale of Shares and Other Securities Details” container have been disabled when the “Listed Shares” is selected.

TCS Verification Letter (TCR006):

The TCR006 letter has been amended to display the residency status under which the application was approved.

TCS Dashboard:

  • An “Amount” column has been added to the TCS dashboard to enable the AIT Reviewers and Approvers to view the total value of the international transfer per the TCR01 application (where the application has not yet been approved) or the approved amount per the AIT case.

See the updated Guide to the Tax Compliance Status functionality on eFiling here.

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