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Enhancements to reduce eFiling registration fraud

Enhancements to reduce eFiling registration fraud

22 April 2024 – SARS has identified fraudulent activities where users attempt to register to use the eFiling platform, and that compels SARS to embark on an initiative aimed at curbing these illicit activities.

A taxpayer is required to provide a valid email address and cell phone number to register for and utilise the eFiling service. This information will serve as the eFiling security contact details and will be used to send a one-time-pin (OTP) to authenticate the eFiler.

Should the SARS system identify that the email address or cell phone number has already been provided by an eFiler and is actively in use (maximum usage reached), an error message will be displayed on the user’s screen. The taxpayer will be required to insert alternate contact details to continue or book an appointment with the SARS Branch for assistance.

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