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Enhancements to the eBooking Appointment Process

Enhancements to the eBooking Appointment Process

18 July 2022 – The following enhancements have been made to the eBooking appointment process:

  • Video appointments have been added as a channel for individuals for select appointment reasons.
  • Taxpayers can choose an appointment in any area. New notification messages have been added to prompt taxpayers to select an alternate Appointment Channel/Province/Branch if an appointment is not available for their original selection.
  • ‘Third Tax Number on Insolvency’ has been added to the list of appointment reasons for walk-in appointments and will only be available for selection by SARS staff and not on the website.
  • As a general rule, appointment slots cannot be selected for a date and time that is greater than 60 days from the current date or earlier than 48 hours from the current date. The 48-hour rule has been adjusted to assist branches with time to plan for the week’s appointments. If an eBooking is made on a Thursday after 4pm or on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the system will only allow the taxpayer to view and select available appointments from the Tuesday that follows. Public holidays are not counted when determining the 48-hour rule.

For more information, see the updated guide: Book an Appointment at a SARS Branch.

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