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e@syFile™ Employer AA88 system enhancements

e@syFile™ Employer AA88 system enhancements

26 April 2023 – Changes have been made to the e@syFile™ Employer AA88 system to enhance and fix some of the issues that have been identified in the system.

The following enhancements have been made:

  • Improvement and fixes to the “delta” synchronisation process when users synchronise using an existing production database
  • A new function to clear all previous AA88 data to do a new full synchronisation
  • The unique AA88 Transaction Number was added as new filter and search option
  • The status code “07’ for defaulted transactions will be grouped with Inactive status codes, “04” and “09”
  • Fix applied to Assessed Tax AA88 duplication check 

The Third Party Appointment AA88 e@syFile guide has been updated.  

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