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Home Office Expenses

Home Office Expenses

4 June 2021 – What are the requirements for claiming home office expenses? The Income Tax Act states that a tax deduction for home office expenses is only allowed:

  1. If the room is regularly and exclusively used for the purposes of the taxpayer’s trade e.g. employment and is specifically equipped for that purpose. The home office must be set up solely for the purpose of working.
  2. If the employee’s remuneration is only salary, the duties are mainly performed in this part of the home. It therefore means you perform more than 50% of your duties in your home office.
  3. Where more than 50% of your remuneration consist of commission or variable payments based on your work performance and more than 50% of those duties are performed outside of an office provided by your employer.

For more information, see our Home Office Expenses webpage.

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