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Introducing the new eFiling landing page

Introducing the new eFiling landing page

19 October 2023 – We are excited to introduce the new eFiling landing page, that will go live on 27 October 2023. This eFiling website enhancement contributes to SARS’ strategic objective of modernising our systems and providing digital and streamlined online services. To give taxpayers a seamless experience, whether browsing the website or tapping into the SARS MobiApp, the new eFiling landing page has a similar look and feel to the SARS MobiApp.

The new eFiling landing page will consist of these four specific sections:

  1. Static top banner, which is the top section of the page that contains access links to the eFiling website.
  2. Quick Links section to allow the user to click on features to access specific eFiling services quickly without having to navigate through the menu bar.
  3. Scrolling banners to direct the user to the website for further assistance and guidance about eFiling.
  4. The static text section will provide the user with more information about the purpose of the site.

It is important to note that certain online system queries and advice requests can be accessed without the user being required to log in, while accessing the eFiler profile will prompt the user to follow the login process to ensure security when requesting specific services, i.e., File My ITR12 Return, Notice of Registration, Tax Compliance Status, and more.

Please be advised that the eFiling website address remains unchanged, and the user can opt to navigate to the new landing page via the below links:

Option 1: Through the SARS website at www.sars.gov.za

Option 2: Log in directly to eFiling at www.sarsefiling.co.za 

When users access eFiling through the provided link, the new eFiling landing page will be shown as below: 


We urge you to use eFiling or download the SARS MobiApp. It is a safe online platform that offers quick, convenient service to help taxpayers, traders, and tax practitioners with their tax matters.

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