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Investment Income Declaration on the ITR12 Return

Investment Income Declaration on the ITR12 Return

13 October 2023 – Investment income received for the year of assessment will be prepopulated on the Individual Income Tax Return (ITR12) with third party data sent to SARS.

The total investment income amount field (e.g. source code 4201 for local interest) will be locked on the ITR12 and is the sum of the amounts received per institution. Although the total amount field is locked on the return, the user can edit the information per institution.

To declare investment income not prepopulated on the return, click on the ‘Add’ button and insert the institution name, account number and amount.

To remove incorrect investment income items on the return (e.g. if it does not belong to the taxpayer or to the taxpayer’s spouse in the case of marriages in community of property), click on the ‘Delete’ icon displayed next to the applicable institution name. Note: If prepopulated investment income data is deleted, the return may be routed for verification.

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