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New SARS Service Charter 

New SARS Service Charter 

6 September 2023 – We have a new annual Service Charter with effect from 1 September 2023. It has been adopted that SARS will review annually the service charter, mostly on committed service level metrics. In line with Strategic Objective 5 – “Increase the use of data to improve integrity, derive insight and improve outcomes”, we derived data insights on the lessons learnt that there are those metrics which over performed consistently in the financial year 2022/23 and a few that battled to even meet the expected service levels.

During the adoption of the service charter in 2022, we had informed external stakeholders that SARS will review some metrics upwards depending on improvement of efficiency and effectiveness. With the Commissioner’s approval, we have amplified some metrics to demonstrate that SARS lives by its promises. These changes were implemented from 1 July 2023 in the following categories, correspondences, registrations, returns, verifications, audit, refunds, payments, customs disputes, Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) and Complaints Management Office (CMO).

It is a commitment to truly portray service obsession.

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