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Scam alert – ‘Outstanding Tax Payment’

Scam alert – ‘Outstanding Tax Payment’

18 June 2024 – A reminder of the scam alert published last week: Fraudsters are posing as SARS, luring taxpayers into a trap. Don’t fall for it! SARS never provides bank account numbers. If you need to make a payment, only use the official SARS payment channels, see the Make a Payment webpage.

The bank accounts used in the scam are fraudulent bank accounts and SARS is following up with the relevant banks and authorities:

An example of the scam has been published on our Scams & Phishing webpage.

Note that the email address the scam is being sent from, is not a SARS email address:

From: South African Revenue Service <[email protected]>
Date: 2024/06/06 08:48 (GMT+02:00)
Subject: Notification from SARS

Dear Taxpayer,

An important notification has been issued and is attached to this mail. Please respond or act as stated on the letter.

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