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Tax Directives

Tax Directives

7 December 2022 – Implementation of Tax Directive system enhancements scheduled for 9 December 2022

The introduction of Par 2(2B) of the Fourth Schedule requires that employees’ tax be calculated and withheld at a fixed tax rate from an annuity, if a taxpayer receives remuneration from more than one source during a year of assessment and where one or more of those sources is from an employer who is a retirement fund or is licensed as an insurer under the Insurance Act.

These employers are required to apply the fixed tax rates prescribed and made available on e@syFile™ Employer or eFiling by SARS. The policy intention aims to ensure that the monthly employees’ tax is calculated correctly so that the taxpayer does not have a substantial tax shortfall due by you to SARS or due to you by SARS on assessment. These tax rates are calculated using prevailing tax rates and information pertaining to the taxpayer at the time of processing. For more information click here.

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