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7 September 2023 – RFP13/2023: Appointment of suppliers for supply and delivery of inverters, lithium-ion batteries and solar panels (Alternative energy equipment) for the period of three (3) years

Erratum notice:

With reference to section 6.2.3 page of RFP13_2023_ 1-1 SARS Main RFP document, which states:” SARS may issue updated versions of documents issued in the RFP pack and/or may issue additional documentation to form part of the RFP pack. Such reissued or additional documentation will be published on the National Treasury e-Tender Portal and SARS website. It is a bidder’s responsibility to visit the National Treasury e-Tender Portal and SARS website at regular intervals to ensure that a bidder uses the latest versions of documents in the RFP pack. “Bidders are requested to note that:

  • A new document is loaded for them to upload, referred to as RFP13_2023_1-2 “Annexure A_ Business Requirements Specification Revised”. The document indicates number of offices to receive required inverters, batteries and Solar Panels for all regions. The calculation on how the required invertors per region merges the quantities on pricing template is provided.
  • RFP13_2023_3-1 Annexure Pricing Template: Remain the same with no changes.
  • Closing date remain : 13 September 2023 @ 11h00 am.
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