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Updated e@syFile™  Employer version 7.1.6

Updated e@syFile™  Employer version 7.1.6

13 September 2021- a new version of e@syFile was released. The changes include:

  • Introducing source code and validation changes for the 2022 Tax Year as detailed in the SARS PAYE BRS V 20
  • Adjustment to Directives table on IRP5 manual capture screen to include new required fields as detailed in the SARS PAYE BRS
  • Introducing new functionality for the merging of duplicate employee records and reassigning certificates between employee records
  • Introducing a new option on the EMP501 Declaration page where users can request re-instatement of ETI in cases where an incorrect, future dated submission without ETI was submitted
  • Introducing new functionality when users select a future-dated Period of Reconciliation. A request for deregistration of the PAYE number will be included in the submission, including a reason and date of deregistration
  • Enhancements and updated response messages to the current processes for EMP201 and EMP501 submissions in cases where Estimated Assessments were raised for specific periods
  • Correction to the Full Resubmission process to include all certificates for the selected reconciliation period.

For more information, see the Release Notes version 7.1.6.

To download e@syFile, click here.

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