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Updated [email protected] Employer version released

Updated [email protected] Employer version released

4 October 2021 – An updated [email protected] Employer version 7.1.7 was released. The changes are:

• An updated version of the EMP501 Form that includes Covid Relief allowances on ETI
• Correction to wording for error messages related to source code 7007
• Correction to manual capture validation of tax directives for tax years 2021 and older
• Correction to the IRP5/IT3a “View” button that was deactivated under specific circumstance
• Adjustment to manual capture validation related to commas in demographic fields to align with import and pre-submission validation
• Adjustment to submission process where users incorrectly selected a future period and deregistration reason and date
• Adjustment to layout of ETV report to allow feedback on up to five Tax Directives as specified in the SARS PAYE BRS V 20
• Correction to the IT Registration process to allow users to select “IT Reg” from the employee demographics page
• Adjustment to EMP501 submission files to ensure that cents/decimals are excluded for Tax Directive values

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