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2 July 2015 – Record submissions on day 1 of Tax Season

2 July 2015 – Record submissions on day 1 of Tax Season

Pretoria, 2 July 2015 — SARS is pleased and humbled by the large turnout of taxpayers who submitted their income tax returns at the start of Tax Season yesterday. This is a clear demonstration of patriotic South African citizens who have shown a commitment to our country and its developmental agenda.

At the close of the first full day of Tax Season on 1 July 2015, 171 568 tax returns were submitted, an overall 5.7% increase in submissions compared to 2014.

“This is even more significant and encouraging if one considers  that the threshold for submitting an income tax return this year was increased to R 350 000 from R 250 000. This achievement on day 1 heralds a great start for tax season and sends out a very positive compliance message by taxpayers” commented SARS Commissioner, Tom Moyane.

Our young democracy would not be where it is today without the tax contributions by all South Africans. The future of South Africa and those who live in it depends on the continued involvement of our citizens”, said Commissioner, Tom Moyane.

“I would also like to thank my 14000 SARS staff who once again showed that SARS will deliver on its mandate of effective revenue collection. It is because of their diligence, commitment and hard work that SARS continues to grow from strength to strength”, said Commissioner Moyane.

“On behalf of the South African Revenue Service, I would like to thank taxpayers for making our job easier by their willing participation in Tax Season. For our part we will continuously strive to make your interaction with us as seamless, efficient, simple and convenient as possible. And we will treat you with fairness, dignity and respect which as the shareholders of our country you richly deserve,” pledged Commissioner Moyane.

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