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Sheriff to attach assets of company for PAYE and VAT debt

Sheriff to attach assets of company for PAYE and VAT debt

Tshwane, 10 August 2021 – The assets of GladAfrica Management Services will be attached by the sheriff after the South African Revenue Service (SARS) obtained a civil judgment and writ of execution against the company after it submitted PAYE and VAT returns without making payment.

The failure to make the payments resulted in a debt of R88-million and was escalated to the SARS PAYE Rapid Response Team which had a series of engagements with the taxpayer between May and August of 2021.

However, a writ of execution was issued today 10 August, which will be followed by the attachment of assets by the sheriff.

SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter said one of the organisation’s strategic objectives was to make it hard and costly for taxpayers who do not comply with their tax obligations, no matter who the taxpayer is.

“SARS is becoming increasingly aware of the tendency by companies to submit returns without making the corresponding payments. Such non-compliance will not be tolerated as it is a serious threat to the revenue collection mandate of SARS.

“Companies and their directors must note that SARS will take all action legally possible to ensure compliance and ensure that VAT and PAYE payments are made. As per third party agreement, PAYE is collected from employees on behalf of SARS and is not for the benefit of the company. To then utilize collected tax for other purposes than pay it over to SARS, is a criminal offence.” Mr Kieswetter said.

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