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Pay outstanding debt by 29 March to avoid penalties and interest

Pay outstanding debt by 29 March to avoid penalties and interest

PRETORIA, Thursday, 7 March 2019 – Taxpayers have just over 22 days left to pay outstanding debt by Friday 29 March to avoid paying penalties and interest. Outstanding returns need to be submitted immediately.

Taxpayers are advised and encouraged to do the right thing, the right way and on time by ensuring that all of their tax debts are settled before the due date, that is Friday 29 March, and all outstanding returns are filed now.

Taxpayers are warned that there will be  high traffic on the networks and are urged to make payments early by 12:00 on 29 March to avoid possible network delays, especially for the following:

  • VAT submissions and Payments
  • Excise duty payments
  • CIT Provisional tax payments
  • Your existing payment arrangements reached with SARS debt management

If in doubt about how much you owe, how to make payment, what to do if you can’t pay the full amount immediately or if you want to make payment arrangements or don’t agree with the amount owing, please contact SARS immediately on 0800 00 7277.

Remember, it is a criminal offence not to submit a tax return when it is due, and legal action can be taken if you do not pay the tax owed to SARS.

There are a number of debt collection tools available to SARS to enforce payment of the tax debt and these include:

  • Collecting the debt from an entity which holds money on your behalf via Third Party Appointments i.e. employer, bank or customer.
  • Issuing a judgement and having your name blacklisted
  • Attaching and selling your assets.
  • Obtaining a preservation order in respect of your assets
  • If you hold off-shore assets, an order can be obtained compelling the assets to be repatriated to South Africa and in the interim your right to trade or to travel can be restrained
  • Liquidating or Sequestrating your Estate.

If you are having difficulties we encourage you to contact us to avoid any of the above mentioned actions being taken against you.

Important contact details:

  • SARS Contact Centre: 0800 00 7277
  • Suspicious tax activity and corruption hotline: 0800 00 2870
  • Online suspicious report form available at: www.sarsefiling.co.za.

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