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SARS Beitbridge 198.49 Kg Crystal Meth Bust Estimated at R 2-Million

SARS Beitbridge 198.49 Kg Crystal Meth Bust Estimated at R 2-Million

PRETORIA, Monday 13 May 2019 – During the early hours of yesterday morning, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) Customs officers intercepted a female traveller attempting to smuggle 198.49 kg of crystal methamphetamine (meth), estimated at R2-million, into South Africa at the Beitbridge port of entry.
The incident happened when the female traveller with two luggage suitcases was asked to put her possessions through the Customs Baggage Inspection area. Upon physical inspection, an off-white crystal like substance concealed in multiple colourful decorated purses with plastics was found, containing substances that reacted positive to tests.

The goods were detained and handed over to the South African Police Service (SAPS) for safe-keeping and further investigation, and the suspect was arrested.
Preliminary investigations indicated that the traveller had flown from abroad into a neighbouring country, and tried to enter South Africa by bus through Beitbridge.
Local police have since handed over the matter to the Hawks for much further investigation. The suspect is expected to appear at the Musina Magistrate Court still today.

The successful operation was the result of an ongoing cooperation between SARS and other port based law-enforcement agencies, which remain committed to protecting our borders and facilitating legitimate trade.

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