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SARS is working on a fix to a specific eFiling issue

SARS is working on a fix to a specific eFiling issue

Pretoria, Wednesday, 3 July 2019 – The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is aware of a problem that some taxpayers are experiencing. This occurs when they save their income tax return, and immediately re-open the return and press the tax calculate button before the form has fully rendered. The problem is aggravated when taxpayers click multiple times as they try to view their return.
SARS will be putting in a fix where all the buttons, including the calculate button, will be greyed while the form is still loading. SARS will also limit the clicks on each button to once.
SARS thanks those early filers for flagging this frustration with us and apologize for the inconvenience caused to taxpayers, especially those who are willing to be compliant by filing their income tax returns early.
We are encouraged by a positive uptake in the number tax returns submitted via eFiling this year.  After two days of eFiling, SARS has already received over half a million individuals who have logged on, of whom 297488 requested their return and 188140 filed.
SARS is thrilled at the uptake of the digital channels and is working hard to make the experience even simpler.

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