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SARS receives over 88 000 job applications

SARS receives over 88 000 job applications

Tshwane, Thursday 15 April 2021 – The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is pleased with the response to its call for applications for various vacancies that will be filled to enhance our capacity to improve our service to taxpayers and improve levels of compliance.

The vacancies that were advertised spanned many areas of SARS operations, including Information Technology Specialists, Data Management Specialists, Audit and Risk Specialists, Investigations Specialists and Auditors with a specific focus on Tax Evasion and related matters, as well as many other areas.

SARS is overwhelmed with the total number of 88009 applications received. Of these 15092 were internal applications. The state of unemployment in our country amply demonstrates the challenges that we face as a country. It is a daunting challenge that all South Africans must act determinedly and diligently to overcome. SARS will play its role, and regrettably absorb only 500 of these applicants as Nation Builders in our organisation.

SARS believes that government alone cannot create jobs and we hope that others, particularly in the private sector, will do their all to give especially young graduates the opportunity to make a start in life by providing internships and, where possible, employing them as a demonstration of our common commitment to building a prosperous future and setting them off in life.

On average, there were 468 applications (internal and external) per job category. Of the total number of applications, there were 7946 applications from external graduates, while there were 755 applications from Chartered Accountants out of the total number of applications. There was also a substantial pool of applicants at Masters and PhD level.

As can be seen from the numbers, our country has a large pool of expertise in various fields from which prospective employers can draw from to help the country fight the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. We must all rise to this challenge.

The closing date for applications was 11 April 2021. SARS will take the recruitment process forward by engaging with shortlisted candidates only. The South African Revenue Service wishes to thank South Africans for the support and confidence in the institution.

There are a few vacancies where not enough applicants applied. Consequently, these vacancies are being re-advertised through our jobs portal on the SARS website. Interested persons are encouraged to visit the Careers link on www.sars.gov.za.

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