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Guide to Customs Trader Portal for Registration, Licensing and Accreditation

[…] channels can be submitted either through: eFiling; or The Registration Licensing and Accreditation (RLA) capturing functionality on SARS Service Manager System (SSM). The applicant can submit: New Customs client type or Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) applications; Amend existing information pertaining to his/her: Customs product; Client type; or Accredited client status; The cancellation (withdrawal) of […]

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Prod 4

[…] of unemployment? i am unable to log into the eFiling system to file our returns. I am unable to submit docs. The website keeps asking for a customs code but i do not have a customs code I’m unable to submit from my mobile phone, please help Why am i unable to do a […]

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[…] efforts to modernise our systems – to become a smart modern agency – we hope that you will have more confidence in how we administer your tax/ customs transactions. When you understand the tax administration process and what is expected of you, overall certainty about outcomes increases. Increased clarity and certainty leads to greater […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 19 (6 November 2020)

[…] an audit, sometimes for years, which is often the purpose of such an administrative or collateral challenge. In this particular case, the taxpayers suspected non-compliance with the Customs and Excise Act, which led SARS to include a risk assessment on the taxpayer’s compliance with Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax. This process established […]

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Legal-LSec-CE-RA – Customs and Excise Rules 1995 as amended

[…] Notice prevails. CUST OMS AND EXCISE ACT (ACT NO . 91 OF 1964) RULES CHAPT ER I GENERAL PROVISIONS 00.01 In these rules “the Act” means the Customs and Excise Act, 1964, and any def inition in that Act shall, unless the context otherwise indicates, apply to these rules. 00.02 Any ref erence in […]

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Customs-G004 – Customs Statement of Account – External Guide

Customs Statement of Account Guide October 2015 CustomsStatement of Account Guide 1 1. What is a Customs Statement of Account (CSA)? The Customs Statement of Account lists all the financial transactions processed in a monthly progressive statement providing a complete view of a client’s account during the previous month and the effect of […]

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SARS commits to increased use of data for trade efficiency

The Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service (SARS), Mr Edward Kieswetter, has committed the SARS Customs division to scale up digital transformation and to increase the use of data to improve the facilitation of trade, revenue collection and improve compliance by traders who import and export goods across South Africa’s borders.

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Client Segments

[…] Tax Exempt Organisations. And also the area which you can visit with reference to the integration of third party data. Tax Practitioners This area is specifically designed to meet the needs of the tax practitioner. Customs and Excise Where you will find all the information you need on SARS Customs Service and also Excise Duties.

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