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Media Statement: Greater focus on taking tax transparency and exchange of information to the next level

[…] the tax ecosystem to foster greater collaboration and co-operation. Leveraging the benefits of tax transparency and exchange of information supports the pursuit of developing a Tax and Customs system based on voluntary compliance. The Global Forum currently boasts 165 member jurisdictions and this Plenary meeting, the first in-person meeting since the COVID-19 pandemic, reunited […]

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Relocation of electronic services platform for SARS

[…] will be affected: SARS eFiling and SARS eFiling app (including registrations,  filing, payment and the functionality to upload supporting documents) e@syFile™ Employer (including the functionality to upload Customs supporting documents) SARS website The Customs Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gateway, which is the primary electronic channel used by Customs clients to communicate with SARS, will […]

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12 December 2017 – Tax statistics for 2017

[…] the key driver for the aggregate growth in net VAT. VAT refunds totalled R181.6 billion and grew by 8.7%. Revenue collected from import taxes, Import VAT and Customs Duties declined by 1.0% and 1.5% respectively against the prior year. Subdued growth levels of merchandise imports, resulting from currency-driven high import costs and muted domestic […]

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SARS to release 14th edition of Tax Statistics in January 2022

[…] category as well as an overview of data on input and output VAT as derived from VAT returns submitted by vendors. Chapter 5 provides information on the customs value of imported goods by product type in terms of the Harmonised System, to chapter level, as well as Import VAT, customs/import duty and ad valorem […]

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Release of the 15th Annual Edition of Tax Statistics

[…] of active VAT vendors, they only contributed 2.3% of Domestic VAT payments and received just 1.2% of VAT refunds. As detailed in Chapter 5, Import VAT and Customs Duties accounted for 13.1% and 3.7% of the year’s Total Tax Revenue respectively; resulting in a 16.8% aggregate, which was below the 17.2% average over the […]

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SARS encouraged by results of new direction

[…] or edit. “The effectiveness of these channels are also indicated by the fact that R1.55 trillion was collected via eFiling.” The SARS Commissioner said that in the Customs space the Accredited Economic Operator (AEO) programme granted 132 participants Preferred Trader status. “Frontline interventions for Preferred Traders dropped by 22% in this period; 5.6 million […]

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SARS continues to show its mettle in revenue collection

[…] non-compliant. There has been steady progress over the past three years. For the year to date until the end of January 2023 we witnessed more than 4,742 customs seizures amounting to R2.9 billion. Overall, customs compliance efforts secured R10.4billion through compliance efforts, made up of R3.8 billion cash and prevented leakages of R6.6 billion. […]

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SARS welcomes revenue announcement

[…] total of 252 398 taxpayers have made use of the relief measures with a total of R52.7bn deferred as follows:  R1.6bn (PAYE), R33.0bn (Provisional tax), R19.2bn ( Customs and excise) of which R18.4bn is for alcohol beverages and tobacco producers. As at 30 September 2020, SARS collected R518.8bn, with a surplus of R9.3bn (1.8%) […]

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SARS announces the preliminary Revenue outcome for 2018-19

Pretoria, Monday 1 April 2019 –  For the financial year ending 31 March 2019, SARS collected an amount of R1 287.6 billion, against the 2019 Budget estimate of R1 302.2 billion resulting in a deficit of R14.6 billion (-1.1%). It should be noted that these are preliminary results, which will be subject to detailed financial […]

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