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Tax Practitioners Connect Issue 30 (March 2022)

[…] On 12 October 2021, it was inspected and found to contain scrap metal, which requires an International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) permit and is liable for export duties. A criminal case was then registered with the SAPS for contravention of the Customs and Excise Act and the ITAC Act. The scrap metal industry is […]

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Customs Storage Warehouse

[…] be processed for the removal thereof from such customs storage warehouse. In same instance the licensee / owner of the goods will be required to bring the duties and VAT to account if applicable at time of clearance.  The goods may not be removed from  or placed in such facility until a valid customs […]

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VAT Connect Issue 13 (November 2021)

[…] from the VRA, the requirements under the Customs and Excise Act relating to the exportation of goods, must be met. Refer to the Customs and Excise Exporters Page on the SARS website for more detail on who is regarded as the exporter in different circumstances, and the procedure to register as an exporter. Any […]

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Completing the DTR01

[…] You must complete the DTR01 which is where you show all transactional data. Select ‘Submit New Data’ and click ‘Capture New Data’ and the “Data Submission Work Page” will be displayed. Below is an example of all the questions on the DTR01: Just some pointers. Dividend in specie A dividend in specie is a […]

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Registered Representatives

[…] respect of Income Tax, PAYE and VAT select query type “Request to be updated as the Registered Representative”, on the “Online Services” options, on the SARS home page. The steps below are on how to register or update a Registered Representative on the SARS Online Query System (SOQS)  1.  Click on the “Online Services” […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 36 (September 2022)

[…] executor, can be a registered representative for a deceased estate. For more information and FAQs on Estates click here. Information on registered representatives can be found on page 13 and 14 of the guide. FAQs on 2022 Filing Season Communication sessions were held with tax practitioners on the changes to the filing season. Frequently […]

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Tax Statistics

[…] Statistics – Chapter 3 Company Income Tax CIT 2023 Tax Statistics – Chapter 4 Value-Added Tax VAT 2023 Tax Statistics – Chapter 5 Import VAT and Customs Duties 2023 Tax Statistics – Chapter 5 Tariff Code Table 2023 Tax Statistics – Chapter 6 Other taxes Media statement: 29 December 2023 Previous Tax Statistics publications […]

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Rule Amendments 2021

[…] – Environmental Levy Account for Carbon Tax (Front page) Completion Notes to the DA 180 9 April 2021 1 April 2021 GG 44383 R.305 Promulgation of rules to section 58A of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964, to implement anti-forestalling measures in respect of anticipated increases in excise duties (DAR 208) Notice R.305 1 April 2021

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 23 (6 August 2021)

[…] Income Tax (ITR12)” Select the appropriate year and click on “Request Return” Once you have selected the required return and it is generated, the Income tax Work Page will be displayed. By clicking on the “My tax return (ITR12)” link you will be presented with an editable declaration for the selected tax period. On […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 44 (July 2023)

[…] Dividends Capital Gain/Loss Local Rental Income We have developed the following FAQs for the Married in Community Spousal Assessment and published this on the Filing Season 2023 web page: What are the tax implications if I am married in community of property? What does POPI act say about the communication around the ‘Married in Community […]

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