eDNA Identity Security

Taxpayer Verification and eDNA system have been implemented at all SARS branches

We have implemented additional security measures at our branches for taxpayers who decide to visit a branch to change their banking details or applicable registered details. You will be authenticated to make sure that your information is secure through the eDNA security system. We ask your cooperation and apologise for any inconvenience. Remember, taxpayers who are registered for eFiling may change their banking details and applicable registered details on eFiling. If the validation of your banking details is unsuccessful on eFiling, you will be requested to visit a SARS branch to validate your banking details in person.  Most personal details can be changed on eFiling, only in certain circumstances, you may need to go to a SARS branch to change details.  Remember to make an appointment

What is it?​

Theft of personal tax details is as real as identity theft. To protect taxpayers against fraudulent activities and to safeguard their sensitive information, we have introduced additional security measures at all our branches.  Taxpayers who visit a SARS branch requesting the services listed below will be authenticated through the online Taxpayer Verification System in addition to the normal verification process.

The verification system will require taxpayers to provide their valid RSA identity document or ID card, the SARS agent will take the taxpayer’s photograph and scan his / her fingerprint. The fingerprint will then be checked against the data that the Department of Home Affairs have on record.  

How does it work?

The services that will require taxpayer authentication through the online Taxpayer Verification System (TPV) include the following:

  • Entity maintenance and registration for Income Tax, Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE).  Changes to personal or registered details that will require additional verification include changes to banking details, identity number, surname, full names, initials, trading name, registered name, registration number, postal and physical address, email, contact details i.e. cell phone number, marital status, year of liability, financial year end, etc.
  • Legal entity deactivation
  • Entity corrections including entity merge
  • Request for documentation including Notice of Registration for IT150, EMP103 and VAT103
  • Request for debt management including deferral arrangements
  • Request for a dispute including Request for Remission (RFR), Notice of Objection (NOO), Notice of Appeal (NOA), request for rejection reasons, and request for condonation
  • Request for suspension of payments.

The verification process may increase the time required to process transactions.

Authentication steps:

  • Provide your ID
  • We will scan your fingerprint
  • We will take your photograph
  • We will check your ID and fingerprint with the Department of Home Affairs to make sure it corresponds with their records.

Tax practitioners and representatives with mandates from taxpayers will also be authenticated via the Taxpayer Verification System before they will be allowed to do transactions with SARS on behalf of taxpayers.

To provide a high level of security and privacy to taxpayer’s sensitive information, SARS officials will also be subjected to eDNA verification (scanning of their fingerprints) when they perform certain tasks.

Taxpayers are urged to protect their taxpayer information, banking details and eFiling login name and password at all times. 

Remember, most personal details can be changed on eFiling, only in certain circumstances, you may need to go to a SARS branch to change the details.

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