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Tobacco Products

WHAT’S NEW? 24 August 2023 – FAQs for Vaping productsFrequently Asked Questions were published for Vaping products to clarify licensing and registration requirements, which manufactures are impacted and more. Scroll down to see the FAQs. WHAT IS IT? Tobacco Products including Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarette Tobacco, Pipe Tobacco and Vaping Products are subject to the payment […]

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What’s New 27 October 2022 – Webinar on Tariff Determination SARS hosted a comprehensive Tariff Determination webinar.  If you missed the webinar, see the recording on YouTube: or view the presentation.   What is it? Top Tip: Click here to access the Tariff Book which consist of the Schedules to the Customs & Excise Act, 1964.   […]

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Legislative Framework

The Customs and Excise Act, 1964 (Act No. 91 of 1964) was assented to on 27 July 1964 and came into effect on 1 January 1965. For the first time in South Africa, both customs and excise matters were provided for in one Act. The purpose of the Act is to provide for the levying of […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 18 (6 April 2020)

Welcome to the latest edition of Tax Practitioner Connect, the electronic newsletter for tax practitioners that keeps you up to date with the tax matters that affect you.   INTERACTING WITH SARS DURING THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN SARS gratefully acknowledges the support from the tax practitioner community during one of the most challenging times in the history […]

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eFiling Payments (Credit Push)

eFiling credit push is a secure payment instruction functionality between SARS eFiling and the bank which puts the client in control when making a payment.  Also see how does the eFiling payment reference work. Top Tip: Customs and Excise clients can only pay from the submitted declaration/return or eAccount on eFiling, read more. How do […]

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Excise payment and submission dates for 2023/2024

Excise payment and submission dates for 2024/2025 PAYMENT & SUBMISSION DATES OF EXCISE DUTY ACCOUNTS FOR FY 2023/24 FOR AD VALOREM CALENDAR QUARTER ACCOUNT SUBMISSION DATE ACCOUNT PAYMENT DATE 1 January 2023 – 31 March 2023 [Quarter 1 of 2023] 25 April 2023 25 April 2023 1 April 2023 – 30 June 2023 [Quarter 2 […]

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Tax Practitioner Connect Issue 22 (21 June 2021)

Welcome to the latest edition of Tax Practitioner Connect, the electronic newsletter for tax practitioners that keeps you up to date with the tax matters that affect you. Preparing for Individuals’ Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Trusts Filing Season 2021   In 2020, SARS embarked on a journey to integrate logical activities into phases that […]

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WHAT’S NEW? 18 May 2023 –  Clarity on the extension of the Diesel Refund to manufacturers of foodstuffs  In the 2023 budget speech, the Minister of Finance announced the following tax relief measures in an effort to address the current load-shedding problem the country is facing: “Government implemented the diesel refund system in 2000, to […]

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Customs Refunds and Drawbacks

What’s New? 15 September 2023 – DA66 AutomationThe Customs and Excise Refunds and Drawbacks have been automated and the application must be made on an electronic form on eFiling.  For assistance on the process read SC-DT-C-19 –Refunds and Drawbacks–External Guide. 6 September 2023 – DA66 Automation: Frequently Asked Questions   3 December 2021 – Updated […]

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Tax Exempt Institutions

What’s New 24 May 2024 – Tax Exempt Institutions Connect Issue 5 (May 2024) 18 April 2024 – Non-profit sector in South Africa assessed for exposure to terrorist financing risk South African government and private sector partners published a report on the terrorist financing risk assessment on the non-profit organisation (NPO) sector that will result […]

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