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SARS-AR-08 – Annual Report 2005-2006

[…] from the South African Revenue Service. Enjoying its sixth consecutive year of uninterrupted growth, South  Africa’s economic expansion provided the platform for revenue collection  enhancements across almost all tax types. This resulted in SARS  collecting R417,33 billion, exceeding its original target of R372,8 billion  by over R44 billion. It was a steep mountain to climb, but with passion,  commitment and sheer dedication, SARS’s staff made it to the summit. Key components of this collection were: •  Personal income tax: Collections amounted to R126,4 billion, exceeding the original estimate  by R8,8 billion. This growth – on the back of a 9,5% growth in the tax register – is further  evidence of increased job creation over the past fi nancial year and higher average wages •  Corporate income tax: Collections amounted to R87,3 billion, exceeding the original estimate by  R17,7 billion. Strong economic growth, especially in the fi nancial services, telecommunication,  wholesale and retail, construction and property sectors, was a primary factor in this area of  collections as well as improved provisional tax payments through engagements with large  corporates by the Large Business Centre and the effective application, where necessary, of  Paragraph 19 (3) of the Income Tax Act •  VAT: Strong consumer spending buoyed by the growing economy, relatively low interest  rates and a stronger rand saw VAT collections once again perform beyond expectations.  VAT collections totalled R114,4 billion for the year in review, R8,4 billion ahead of the printed  estimate •  Customs duty: Linked to strong consumer spending and a more stable rand was a growth in  domestic demand for imported products which saw R18,3 billion in customs  duties collected  during the year, R5,3 billion beyond the original estimate. Most importantly, the revenue gains provided government with funding to further expand its social  development programmes while at the same time providing additional tax relief to taxpayers,  including over R7,1 billion in relief for individuals. It did this while maintaining its strict fi scal discipline  of a budget defi cit of below 3%. Annual Report2.indd Sec2:9Annual Report2.indd Sec2:9 9/14/06 10:21:38 PM9/14/06 10:21:38 PM South African Revenue Service Annual Report 2005/06  6 Sustainable revenue collection improvements cannot only rely on economic growth. They must be  coupled with improved compliance and enhanced service and effi ciency from SARS. I am pleased  to report advances in both these areas during the year under review. Ongoing education and awareness, in tandem with improvements in our enforcement abilities,  saw further gains in tax compliance. At the forefront of this drive to enhance voluntary compliance  was our annual Filing Season campaign which continues to be a defi ning moment in the annual  tax calendar. Once again tax registrations grew and we witnessed further impressive leaps in the  number of taxpayers who engaged with SARS and submitted their returns by the deadline. Most  heartening to note is that increasingly, South Africans are accepting not just their legal duty to meet  […]

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SC-DT-C-13 – Refunds and Drawbacks – External Policy

[…]   Requirements to qualify for Schedule 5 refunds, drawbacks and manual claims 7   2.3.2   Qualifying criteria for items 501.00 – 521.00 specific drawbacks of Customs duties 8   2.3.3   Refund item 522.02 10   2.3.4   Refund item 522.03 12   2.3.5   Refund item 536.00 (Motor vehicle parts and accessories) […]

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SC-GP-15 – Trade Statistics – External Policy

Effective 13 December 2017 CUSTOMS EXTERNAL POLICY TRADE STATISTICS Effective 13 December 2017 Trade Statistics – External Policy SC-GP-15 Revision: 3 Page 2 of 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1   SUMMARY OF MAIN POINTS 3   2  POLICY 3   2.1   Fundamental principles 3   2.1.1   United Nations principles 3   2.1.2 […]

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SARS-AR-16 – Annual Report 2011-2012

[…] work that SARS continues to do. I would also like to thank the 15 000 SARS employees for the dedication with which they continue to perform their duties. Pravin Gordhan Minister of Finance 10 ANNUAL REPORT 2011/12 REVIEW BY THE COMMISSIONER The 2011/12 financial year certainly tells a story! It is a story of […]

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LAPD-LPrep-Draft-2015-68 – Draft customs Control Act Rules track changes

[…] to Chapter 1. “service type”, in relation to a container, means the type of container, distinguishing between – (a) an empty container; (b) a full FCL (grou page) container; (c) an LCL container; and 24 (d) a full FCL container; “special economic zone” means a special economic zone within the meaning of the Special […]

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Strategic Plan Mid-Term Progress Report 2020 – 2025

[…] general collection climate , as well as the Tax and Customs policy framework, which informs the parameters of collection e.g. tax rates for specific tax types, customs duties for specific products, rebates and relief measures. • Public con fidence and trust in Government and SARS, from both the collections and spending perspective, which influences […]

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LAPD-CGT-G01 – Comprehensive Guide to Capital Gains Tax

[…] definitions Comprehensive Guide to Capital Gains Tax (Issue 9 ) 45 45 In CIR v Estate CP Crewe & another in relation to the determination of estate duties, Watermeyer CJ said the following: 144 ‘One would expect that when the estate of a person is described as consisting of property, what is meant by […]

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LAPD-DRJ-TC-2018-04 – TCIT 13251 and VAT 1077 JHB 16 May 2018

[…] a proposition. Each witness performed with distinction and energy and showed great experience and knowledge. The detail of their reports and their evidence fill countless thousands of pages and cannot be replic ated in this judgment. The assistance of each of the witnesses – Messrs Stride, Sabbagh and Strydom – is much appreciated and […]

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