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SARS-AR-23 – Annual Report 2017-2018

[…] claims to the value of R2.7 billion were prevented. SARS needs to replicate the compliance of non-provisional taxpayers to other tax types. This includes compliance of excise duties in respect of various products, as well as the broader illicit economy. The struggle to clean up our register continues, and this clouds our ability to […]

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SARS-AR-06 – Annual Report 2003-2004

[…] change at operational level is possible. Most of these changes required a distinct shift in the way our 14 000-plus employees saw their role and performed their duties. This would have been unattainable had we not also, during 2004, invested in the transformation of our workforce. From the more obvious things such as the […]

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SARS-AR-14 – Annual Report 2009-2010

[…] February 2009 Budget mainly due to expected lower profits impacting on CIT (-R29 billion), lower imports and domestic demand resulting in reduced VAT (-R22 billion) and Customs duties (-R6 billion). PART 1: STRATEGIC CONTEXT AR 09-10 v22.indd 11 8/24/10 10:07 AM 12 SARS Annual Report 2009 – 2010 PART 1: STRATEGIC CONTEXT To a […]

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SARS-AR-17 – Annual Report 2012-2013

[…] Business Services, recorded higher than average growth. Robust investment by public corporations provided support to import growth, which served to expand import VAT and revenues from import duties. As a result of these factors, and in spite of the otherwise unfavourable climate, SARS was able to collect R813.8 billion for the 2012/13 fiscal year, […]

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AEO Self Evaluation and Systems Questionnaire – 13 October 2023

[…] procedures for monitoring the loading of cargo for export. viii. Provide the procedures for persons delivering or receiving cargo required to produce identification prior to discharging their duties. ix. Provide the procedures for critical process handover points (e.g., document preparation processes, issue of seals, breaki ng of seals, a physical count of cargo, conveyance […]

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SARS-AR-19 – Annual Report 2013-2014

[…] VAT 125 414129 530131 085 5 6711 554 VAT refunds -154 528-153 048-156 879 -2 351-3 831 Fuel levy 44 97043 30043 685 -1 285 385 Customs duties 41 34044 50044 179 2 839-321 Specific excise duties 31 26528 94329 039 -2 226 97 Taxes on property 9 07010 375 10 487 1 417 […]

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Tax Statistics 2020

[…] has been established within which goods that are grown, produced or manufactured therein, on importation from one of the member states to another, are free of customs duties and quantitative restrictions. SARS and Nation al Treasury are committed to continuous improvement of the Tax Statistics publication and encourage feedback and engagements. CONTENTS iii 2020 […]

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