What is it?

Security in respect of any type of goods on which duty and tax may become payable or goods at risk may be required to be covered by means of a surety bond or a provisional payment.  

For more information refer to the following documents:

SC-CF-25 – Provisional Payment – External Policy
SC-SE-05 – Bonds – External Policy
SC-CF-19 – Registration Licensing and Designation – External Policy

Top tip: The Bond external policy contains bond forms which are under annexures.

Provisional Payments (PP’s)

Provisional Payments (PPs) are lodged to secure revenue (duties, levies and VAT) which is due or may become due to SARS Customs pending compliance of a PP condition and in exceptional cases where additional security is required, usually for a short period of time.  

PPs for import declarations must be submitted on the import (amended) Customs Clearance Declaration. If conditions cannot be met in the prescribed time period an application for the extension of the time period  must be lodged as PP conditions must be met within the requested time period and liquidated.  

Security is lodged to cover duty and taxes on goods which are at risk or need to comply with certain conditions.

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