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How to register as a registered agent

A registered agent is a person (individual or juristic persons) located in South Africa to act on behalf of a foreign principal. It is important to note that a ‘registered agent’ is not the same as the current licensed ‘clearing agent’. Any South African individual or registered company may apply to become a ‘registered agent’. A licensed clearing agent may also become a ‘registered agent’. The requirements of such registered agents are as follows:

  • Application to be made on form DA185 and the appropriate annexure;
  • Upon registration, no surety bond either nationally or per port will be needed. SARS does, however, reserve the right to impose surety bonds if the risk status of the registered agent declines at any point in time.

The registered agent must accept the nominations made by the foreign principal indicating which functions (importer, exporter or remover of goods in bond) are to be fulfilled on behalf of the foreign principal. The person applying for registration as a “Registered Agent” must be located in South Africa.

The nominated registered agent (in terms of annex DA 185 D):

  • Is liable for the fulfilment of all obligations imposed on either the importer, exporter or licensed remover;
  • May complete and submit a Customs clearance declarations(CCD) on behalf of a foreign principal; and
  • May submit an application form on behalf of a foreign principal (e.g. importer, exporter or remover of goods in bond) to Customs.  

Which forms must be completed to register as a registered agent?

No additional supporting documents are needed as the applicant must be registered for Income Tax and these registration details will be used for the creating of the Legal Entity.

Where do we send the forms?

Application forms must be submitted to the nearest Customs office.  

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