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Trade Statistics

Exploring South Africa’s Merchandise Trade Statistics

SARS is the legislatively empowered controlling entity for statistics on the importation and exportation of goods. Exercising this control entails record-keeping, verification, publication and analysis of trade data

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 August 2021 overview



                        R158,924,130,315                    R116,526,017,926
Top 5 countries we exported to: Top 5 countries we imported from:​
  1. China (11.6%)
  2. Germany (8.8%)
  3. United States (8.8%%)
  4. Japan (7.6%)
  5. United Kingdom (6.5%)
  1. China (19.7%)
  2. Germany (8.3%)
  3. United States (8.1%)
  4. India (5.6%)
  5. Saudi Arabia (4.5%)

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