FAQ: What does my employer do if they don’t have an Efiling profile?

They will need to register for eFiling as the CSK booking system is available via SARS eFiling. To register as an eFiler visit the SARS eFiling website www.sarsefiling.co.za and click on REGISTER. It should only take you five to ten minutes to go through the six-step process.

Depending on your needs, you can register as an individual taxpayer, a Tax Practitioner or as an Organisation.  SARS will recognise you as an electronic filer once your eFiling registration is complete.

All new SARS eFiling profiles are activated within 48 hours. Where a registration is not approved within the 48 hours, please check for any correspondence from SARS by selecting Home;User and then Pending Registration, for further requirements regarding the processing of your eFiling registration

Clients can also book at one of the SARS branches where there is a learning centre (click here for full list). However, clients are encouraged to do so online as it is far quicker and easier.

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