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FAQ: What supporting documents must I submit to report a new Estate Case?

In order to report a new Estate Case to SARS, it is important that you submit the correct Supporting Documentation:
  1. An image of yourself holding your proof of identity. It is important that your face and proof of identity are clearly visible in the same picture.
  2. Please submit as many of the supporting documents that you have available of those listed below:


  • Copy of the death notice of the deceased (J294) issued by the Master’s Office or the death certificate;
  • Copy of Acceptance of trust as Executor (Form J190) or Copy of the Letter of Executorship (J238);
  • Copy of the undertaking and acceptance of the Master’s directions (Form J155) or Copy of the Letter of Authority (J170) (in cases where the estate is less than R250 000);
  • Copy of the Inventory (Form J243);
  • Copy of the last will and testament;
  • The name, physical address, email address and telephone number of the executor and his or her agent;
  • Signed copies of the final liquidation and distribution accounts when they become available (if applicable);
  • The Estate Duty Return (REV267 form).


  • Provisional and Final court order of liquidation or sequestration;
  • Certificate of Appointment of the liquidator or trustee (J327);
  • The name, address, email address and telephone number of the representative taxpayer or his or her agent;
  • In the case of an agent, a Power of attorney and certified ID copy of the appointed person;
  • First meeting creditor’s report;
  • Second meeting creditor’s report;
  • Signed copies of all final liquidation and distribution account.

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