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A new version of e@syFile was released

A new version of e@syFile was released

21 November 2022 – e@syFile version 7.3.1 was released. Note that release 7.3.0 was included in this release.

The release include the following changes:

  • Adjustment to manual capture validation for source codes 3920 and 3921 in respect of 2009 Tax Year to align with import and pre-submission validation as defined in the SARS PAYE BRS
  • Aligning date format in the EMP501 submission file to the SARS standard
  • Allow manual capture of employees and IT3(a)’s for Employers using Income Tax Reference number(s) which commences with the digits 0/1/2/3/ or 9 for EMP501 Reconciliations.

Visit our e@syFile webpage for more information.

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