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Customs – Registration, Licensing and Designation

Customs – Registration, Licensing and Designation

14 September 2023 – The title of SC-CF-50 has been amended to Relationship Management on the Customs Trader Portal and the:

  • The link to the definitions, acronyms and abbreviations has been updated; and
  • the disclaimer paragraph has been added.

The facility codes used in Box 30 on the Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD) have been updated to:

  • Remove the physical address of terminal V6, Manuchar South Africa (Pty) Ltd.; and
  • Add the details of the new licensed container depots in:
    • Cape Town, AM – Grindrod Logistics (Pty) Ltd.; and
    • Durban, AN – Grindrod Logistics (Pty) Ltd.

The external annexure and the guide can be accessed through the following links:

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