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Customs: Registration, Licensing and Designation

Customs: Registration, Licensing and Designation

The Shared Access functionality on eFiling has been extended to allow an RLA trader representatives to have access to the RLA functionality of a specific trader.

The Customs Trader Portal – External Guide SC-IT-03 has been changed to SC-CF-42 and the portion regarding relationship management has been transferred to SC-CF-50.  SC-IT-03 is therefore withdrawn.

The content that relates to Registration and Licensing of non RLA client types in ECS-LER-02-M01 and SC-CF-39 has been transferred to SC-CF-52.  ECS-LER-02-M01 is therefore withdrawn.

The facility codes used in Box 30 on the Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD) have been updated to include the details of the new approved de-grouping depot in ORTIA, Kerry Logistics South Africa (Pty) Ltd.  This enables Customs to transmit electronic messages to these facilities communicating the status of the consignment.  If the applicable facility codes listed in SC-CF-19-A02 is not inserted in Box 30 on the CCD, the CCD will be rejected by Customs.  The facilities code list is an annexure to the External Policy for the Registration, Licensing and Designation.

New guides and updated external policy:

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