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SARS Annual Performance Plan for 2024 -2025 now available

SARS Annual Performance Plan for 2024 -2025 now available

7 May 2024 – The SARS Annual Performance Plan (APP) 2024/25 is now available. This APP builds on a strong foundation and our lasting dedication to the South African public, taxpayers and traders. In this financial year, SARS commits to:

1. Prioritise the most essential and beneficial strategic initiatives. The initiatives aim to use technology to help taxpayers and traders meet their tax obligations voluntarily, increase public trust and confidence in SARS, and to make SARS a lean, integrated, and data-driven organisation through the SARS Modernisation Programme.

2. Operationalise our aspiration that “tax just happens” guided by the principles of “Tax Administration 3.0” and “the best service is no service”. The end-state we aim to reach is a seamless taxpayer and trader experience that is clear, simple, easy, and accessible.

3. Further the implementation of our revenue management philosophy that conceptualises revenue as made up of revenue from the economy (including tax-policy interventions) and an efficient compliance programme. SARS will continue to explore opportunities to enhance base effects from compliance interventions by executing its compliance programme.

4. Build our people capability; strengthen the leadership bench; focus on achieving excellent operations management; implement our enhanced employee value proposition; and finalise organisational arrangements and focus on succession management.

See the full SARS Annual Performance Plan (APP) 2024/25 document here or visit the Annual reports & Strategic plans webpage.

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