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Six SARS forms to migrate from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5

Six SARS forms to migrate from Adobe Flash Player to HTML5

28 June 2021 – Over the years, SARS has strategically made strides to advance our information technology for the benefit of taxpayers, traders and tax practitioners. By doing this we endeavour to make it easier for everyone to comply with their tax and customs obligations and at the same time, improve our service offering.

Several forms have already been converted from Adobe to HTML5 on eFiling and as of 25 June 2021, the following forms will also be available on the HTML5 platform:

  • Deferment Maintenance (DFM01)
  • Voluntary Disclosure Application (VDP)
  • Special Voluntary Disclosure Application (SVDP)
  • Dividends Tax Transaction Information (DTR01)
  • e@syFile™ PAYE (EMP201 & EMP501)
  • e@syFile™ Dividends Tax (DTR02)

The submission process for these forms is still the same, only the form design has changed to a user-friendly and easy to complete HTML5 format.  All modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge may be used to open these forms. Since not all forms have been migrated to HTML5, if challenges are experienced, it is recommended that the SARS browser should be used to access and complete these forms.



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