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What’s New?

22 June 2021 – TheRegistration, Amendments and Verification (RAV01) form has been converted.

The Registration, Amendments and Verification (RAV01) form enables Individuals, Tax Practitioners and Registered Representatives to view and maintain legal entity registration (demographic and specific tax type) details on eFiling. The Registration Amendment and Verification form (RAV01) has been converted from Adobe Flex to HTML5 format for better user experience and compatibility. For more information, see the Guide on to complete the Registration, Amendments and Verification form (RAV01).

26 April 2021 – The Transfer Duty (TDC01) form was converted

The TDC01 form was converted from Adobe to HTML5 format. The Guide for Transfer Duty via eFiling was updated to include the form change. This guide is designed to assist you in the activation of your Transfer Duty account on eFiling, the completion of your TDC01 Declaration, registration for the allocation of a conveyancer registration number on eFiling. For more information, see the Guide for Transfer Duty via eFiling.

26 April 2021 – Latest on the SARS eFiling browser

The Guide on how to download the new SARS eFiling browser was updated to include the steps after successful installation. In addition, the Transfer Duty (TDC01) form and the Financial Declaration (IT3-02) form were converted from Adobe to HTML. The purpose of this guide is to assist taxpayers and traders to easily download the new SARS eFiling Browser in order to successfully view, complete and submit SARS forms that have not been migrated to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML5) on eFiling. The SARS browser should be used to access the forms not yet migrated, see the Guide on how to download the new SARS eFiling browser.

26 April 2021 – Financial Declaration (IT3-02) form converted from Adobe to HTML

The Financial Declaration (IT3-02) form was converted from Adobe to HTML. For more information, see the Guide on how to activate, submit and declare the IT3 via eFiling.

24 January 2021 – Release of the SARS Browser

SARS apologises for the inconvenience and service disruption caused by the discontinuance of the Adobe Flash player. We are pleased to inform you that a SARS Browser solution has been implemented enabling you to complete and submit the Flash-based forms not migrated to HTML5 yet.

The SARS Browser enables access to ALL eFiling forms, including those that require Adobe Flash, thus maintaining compliance with your filing obligations. Click here to download the SARS Browser. To see our easy steps on how to download the browser, GEN-ELEC-21-G01 – How to download the new SARS eFiling Browser – External Guide.

21 January 2021 – Tax Compliance Status (TCS)

Taxpayers and traders can now apply for the Tax Compliance Status (TCS) on Good Standing and Tenders as of Wednesday evening, 20 January via eFiling. The interim solution for this should no longer be used.  

We are still developing the solution for the TCS application for Emigration and Foreign Investment Allowance which should be implemented shortly.

Please note that all Excise submission forms will be implemented this Friday 22nd January 2021. All other forms for the submission of Income Tax, VAT and PAYE were migrated earlier and are not affected by the Adobe Flash Player issue and can be filed as normal.

13 January 2021 – Adobe Flash Player
The discontinuation of the Flash Player component by Adobe has negatively impacted a limited set of Adobe forms / declarations which are currently available on eFiling. As you are aware SARS has already begun the journey of migrating the old Flash Player-enabled forms from the Adobe Flash technology to the enhanced HTML5 technology however there are a few remaining forms which are still in the process of being modernised.   

 You are also encouraged to make use of the various alternative online SARS Tools / functionality wherever possible, like the SARS Online Query System.

Some of our Guides, Manuals and Policies published on the SARS website have Annexures included. In Internet Explorer the preview to the Annexures is showing when opening the document, but in Chrome it is not showing, which may lead to taxpayers thinking that the document doesn’t have Annexures. Kindly note that the Annexures are still included when in Chrome, it’s only the Preview to the Annexures that is not showing.

For example the SDL-GEN-01-G01 – Guide for Employers in respect of Skills Development Levy – External Guide:

​Internet Explorer – Annexures preview is showing:​                  ​Chrome – Annexures preview is NOT showing:

In order for the Annexures to show in the preview in Chrome, see the following easy steps:

1. You will have to download the PDF (see the down arrow encircled in red below) and then open it from your PC to view any attachments:

2.  Open the document once downloaded, on your PC and it shows the Annexures:

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