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South African Traveller Management System phase 2

South African Traveller Management System phase 2

12 June 2024 – As part of the Customs Modernisation Programme (CMP), an online traveller declaration system called the South African Traveller Management System (SATMS) has been implemented in phases.

The online Traveller Declaration can be accessed via SARS Mobi Application and scanning the QR Code which is available on display throughout the Customs ports. Travellers can use the online Traveller Declaration to register or create a profile, complete, describe the goods in their possession and submit travelling declarations.

This phase of the project includes the:

  • Expanding of the list of the goods in the possession of the Traveller. The expanded possession list comprises of those goods meant for:
    • Commercial trade;
    • Temporary importation or exportation;
    • Permanent import or export;
    • Refund claim; and
    • Remodelling or repairs.
  • Duty Calculation by the online declaration system and display payable amount to Travelers.

SC-PA-01-11 – Traveller Processing – External Policy

SC-PA-01-11-A02 – Completion of Traveller Card – External Annexure

SC-PA-01-12 – SATMS Through the SARS Website – External Guide

SC-PA-01-13 – SATMS Through the Mobi-App and QR Code Scan – External Guide

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