Tax Court: 2004-2000

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2004​ ​ ​
Date of Delivery​Case Number​Applicable Legislation​Keywords
​11 February 20041990​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Disposal of a portion of an interest in a partnership leading to a recoupment;

​19 March 200410999​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Expenditure regarding know-how in terms of ss.11(a) and 11(gA)

​7 April 200411156​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Deduction of a loss, trade carried on outside South Africa; s.20(1)(b)

​8 June 200411011​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Reimbursement by employer of employees’ medical costs in an in house medical scheme; paragraph 2 (1) of the Fourth Schedule

​13 October 200411372​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Whether exemption provisions of s.56(1)(d) applied to an inter vivos donation, the payment of which was postponed until death of the donor

​1 November 200411045 and 11046​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Whether a taxpayer can rely on his own mistake as a basis for objection; s.81; whether the Commissioner’s decision to apply s.102 is reviewable

​9 November 200410849​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Whether a person is entitled to tax exemption status in terms of s.10(1)(cA); whether the term ‘any law’ includes ‘foreign law’

​25 November 200411134​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Taxation of ex-gratia payments


2003 ​ ​ ​
Date of Delivery​Case Number​Applicable Legislation​Keywords
​30 January 200310956​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Whether scientific research expenditure constitutes gross income; ss.1, 8(a) and

​12 February 200310969​Income Tax Act, 1962

Deductions; loss on loan; s.11(a)

​12 March 2003ED 79​Estate Duty Act, 1955

Whether debts are due debts or not; s.4(b)

​19 March 200310699​Income Tax Act, 1962

Deductions; licence fee and legal fees;
s.11(a) and (gA)

​13 August 200310919​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Trusts; distribution of losses; ss.25B(3) and 89quat(3)


2002​ ​
Date of Delivery​Case Number​Applicable Legislation​Keywords
​25 March 2002VAT 91​Value-Added Tax Act, 1991

​Definition of ‘input tax’ in s.1

​10 May 200210797​Income Tax Act, 1962

​Section 12C(6)(a)(i) as in 1992; interpretation of ‘connected person’

​14 May 200210915​Income Tax Act, 1962

Donations tax; validity of assessment; ss.54 and 58

​13 August 200210918​Income Tax Act, 1962

Share options ceded to a trust;

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