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SARS-AR-13 – Annual Report 2008-2009

[…] of legislation which SARS administers. Legislation that SARS administers according to the SARS Act (Schedule 1 to the Act) includes: • Union and Souther n Rhodesia Death Duties Act (1933) • Marketable Securities T ax Act (1948) • Transfer Duty Act (1949) • Estate Duty Act (1955) • Income T ax Act (1962) • […]

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SARS-AR-15 – Annual Report 2010-2011

[…] that SARS continues to do. I would also like to thank the 15 000 SARS em ployees for the dedication with which they continue to perform their duties. Pravin Gordhan Minister of Finance 8 ANNUAL REPORT 2010/11 REVIEW BY THE COMMISSIONER The 2010/11 financial year was another milestone year for the South Af rican […]

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SARS-AR-24 – Annual Report 2018-2019

[…] obligation to comply with South African Tax and Customs Laws, and to provide quality and responsive service to the public. To administer our Tax, Customs and Excise duties in a manner that encourages fiscal citizenship and increased revenue for the State. Our People SARS recognises that its people are an indispensable driver of performance […]

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SARS-AR-14 – Annual Report 2009-2010

[…] February 2009 Budget mainly due to expected lower profits impacting on CIT (-R29 billion), lower imports and domestic demand resulting in reduced VAT (-R22 billion) and Customs duties (-R6 billion). PART 1: STRATEGIC CONTEXT AR 09-10 v22.indd 11 8/24/10 10:07 AM 12 SARS Annual Report 2009 – 2010 PART 1: STRATEGIC CONTEXT To a […]

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