Tender: RFP08/2022: SARS Technical Security Modernisation Tender


SARS technical security modernisation tender for the procurement including maintenance of:

Stream 1:  Modernised CCTV system and licence plate recognition system (including maintenance for a period of three years)

Stream 2:  Centralised access control system solution (including maintenance for a period of three years)

Stream 3:  Modernised alarm system solution (including maintenance for a period of three years)


Briefing session

Communication 1

Communication 2

Communication 3

Communication 4

Communication 5

Communication 6

Communication 7

Communication 8

Communication 9

Communication 10

Communication 11

Communication 12

Communication 13

Communication 14

Communication 15

Communication 16

Tender submission workshop

Updated Site List – subject to change

Updated Pricing Response Template (amended)

Extension letter

Draft legal agreements

Important notice: 

  • Potential respondents are advised that the pricing template has been updated and replaced with Updated Pricing Response Template – amended.
  • SARS has scheduled a second MS Teams session to clarify pertinent issues of this tender and enable prospective bidders to submit a response (the tender closes 31/11/2022 @ 11h00) – the meeting details are as follows:
    • Date: 24/11/2022Time: 09h00Meeting ID: 376 475 714 239
      Passcode: 27hJ3G.
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