Customs Single Window Solution

What is Single Window?

As part of the Customs Modernisation Programme, the Single Window initiative will extend the SARS automated inspection and case management workflow to Other Government Agencies (OGAs). Single Window is a platform that enables a trader to engage with all applicable government agencies or departments at once and with fewer or without duplications. The introduction of the Single Window electronic inspection process, which includes the sharing of supporting documents electronically with onboarded OGAs, ‘in place’ of the existing ‘Detain for OGA or status 4’ manual process.

When will it be implemented?

The pilot started in 2023 and is still in process.

How will it work?

It will allow parties involved in international trade to lodge standardised information and documents on a single-entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. Traders must classify/label documents when uploading it on E@syScan so that only the OGA required documents can be shared. In cases where the documents are not classified or ‘other’ is selected, all uploaded documents will be shared with the respective OGA.  

Benefits of Single Window

  • Reduce the administrative burden on traders
  • Enhance customs and border security
  • Improve overall efficiency on international trade

Illustration to show the positioning of the Single Window solution:

Kindly note that the phase implemented in September 2023 only includes the inspection workflow functionality, the rest will be phased in gradually.

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