What is a Customs Statement of Account (CSA)?

The Customs Statement of Account lists all the financial transactions processed in a monthly progressive statement providing a complete view of a client’s account during the previous month and the effect of this on the open account balance. Financial transactions include all payable declarations submitted, amended declarations, payments made, as well as additional charges relating to penalties and interest, if applicable. An open account balance on the statement represents the net amount due by, or if in credit, the amount due to the client at the end of the statement period. This amount is normally made up of unpaid declarations (debits) and/or unallocated payments (credits). 

Who will get a Customs Statement of Account (CSA)?

Every client will receive at least one CSA on a monthly basis. Clients registered on the Customs Deferment Scheme (Deferment registrants) will receive a statement in respect of each SARS Customs office where a deferment facility is active, as well as a general statement covering all other SARS Customs offices. All other clients will receive a single general statement covering all SARS Customs offices where they transact.   For more information, refer to Customs Statement of Account – External Guide.

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