How to become part of AEO Programme


Who Can Join

Traders eligible to apply for AEO status include importers, exporters, certified customs brokers, bonded area operators, bonded transportation companies, forwarders and shipping companies amongst others. The supply chain considered for the AEO programme is illustrated as follows:

**Excludes foreign entities registered or licensed in terms of the Customs & Excise Act No. 91 of 1964

How to Join 


  • Appropriate record of compliance with customs and excise procedures
  • Computer systems, Operational Procedures and Processes
  • Sufficient Knowledge
  • Financial Resources
  • Compliance with Tax Law
  • Compliance with WCO supply chain security standards (AEO-S) 

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Application Process  

  • Complete Self-assessment questionnaire and application form online,
  • A Client Relationship Manager will be in contact with you
  • Customs conducts documentary review based on the submitted documents.
  • An on-site examination of compliance of all criteria and security management is also done
  • Submission with recommendation is made to the Accreditation Committee where authorisation deliberations are held and decision is taken to authorize the business as an AEO
  • if approved, you become a trusted trader and have immediate access to a range of benefits.  

Benefits received once Accredited

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Rules amendment – Government Gazette No. 44884: No. R.648

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