Clearing Agents

What is a clearing agent?

Any person (excluding a registered agent) who lodges a Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD):

  • For reward on behalf of another Customs Client type; or
  • Provides a service that includes the clearance of goods (e.g. Licensee of a Customs warehouse making CCD on behalf of the importer, exporter or owner of the goods) must license as a Customs clearing agent in terms of Section 64B of the Act.

Which forms are required for the Clearing agent licence application?

How long is the Clearing agent licence valid?

The clearing agent licence is valid from 01 January until 31 December of each year, see item 835.00 of Schedule 8 of the Act.

Top tip: It is a legal requirement for Clearing Agents to lodge a bond. However, this would be defined during the application process. For full details, refer to the SC-CF-19 – Registration Licensing and Designation – External Policy and SC-SE-05 – Bonds – External Policy.

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