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  • 20 April 2021 – Changes to Duty and Tax Free shops
    Transitional arrangements for inbound duty and tax free shops in addition to the already existing outbound duty and tax free shops, came into force on 5 June 2009. In this revision, the transitional arrangements are removed as they are no longer required. For more information, see the Inbound and Outbound Duty and Tax Free Shops – External Policy.

These are premises / facilities licensed for the storage of imported goods for home use, home use processing, second-hand motor vehicles solely for exports, duty and tax free shops, supply of dutiable local manufacture / imported goods to ship or aircraft stores, duty free imported goods solely for export, consolidation, deconsolidation and for export purposes for a prescribed period. The goods are stored until a need arises whereby an ex-warehouse declaration will be processed for the removal thereof from such customs storage warehouse. In same instance the licensee / owner of the goods will be required to bring the duties and VAT to account if applicable at time of clearance.  The goods may not be removed from  or placed in such facility until a valid customs declaration has been processed and accepted by Customs. For further details, you can refer to the SC-CF-19 – Registration Licensing and Designation – External Policy.

Types of Customs Storage Warehouses

  • Storage Warehouse

These premises / facilities are licensed in terms of Section 19 of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 (the Act), for the storage of dutiable imported goods, including stockists.  The goods stored in these facilities are normally intended for home use or home use processing purposes.

Which forms are required for the Customs Storage Warehouse licence application?

These premises / facilities are licensed Customs storage warehouses situated within a designated area within a Special Economic Zone, which have been approved by the Minister of Trade and Industry and Customs.

Which forms are required for the licensing of a Customs Controlled Area (CCA) Storage Warehouse?

These premises / facilities are licensed for the storage of:

    • Dutiable imported goods, including second-hand motor vehicles solely for export;
    • Duty free goods for export in terms of Section 21(3) of the Act including consolidation and deconsolidation;
    • Imported goods for an operation of an inbound or outbound duty and tax free shop.

 How to apply to operate as a Special Storage (SOS) Warehouse?

    • Fill in the required application form and relevant annexure(s).
    • Send certified supporting documents certified as listed on the form.
    • Pay the licence fee needed.
    • Pay the security fee if applicable.

Which forms are required for the licensing of a Special Storage Warehouse?

Is a police clearance certificate required for licensing an SOS warehouse for second-hand vehicles and when should this be submitted?

The police clearance certificate should accompany the application (if available; if not it must be produced at time of importation and entry to the approved warehouse). 

Can a Storage Warehouse be relocated?

The relocation of the warehouse shall only be allowed if the proposed site is located in the same Controller’s / Branch Manager’s area and subject to meeting the terms and conditions of the licence. Refer to the Registration, Licensing and Designation external policy.

Top tip: To avoid contravention, the licensee must be the owner / importer of the second-hand vehicles; no second-hand vehicles can be stored on behalf of other people.  

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