How do I pay?

Payments to SARS

Taxpayers, both individuals and businesses, are required to be fully tax compliant through on time submission of returns and payments, to avoid penalties and interest being charged. If you owe money to SARS and need to make payments arrangements, see our information here.

Top Tip: Not sure when the submission dates are? See a list of Important Dates here

If the submission date falls on a weekend or public holiday, you need to submit the return/declaration together with your payment, if applicable, by the last business day before the weekend or public holiday.  

In instances where taxpayers are not compliant and have outstanding tax debt, the Debt Management department is committed to assisting businesses and individuals to become fully compliant.  

If you want to make a payment to SARS, there are a number of options e.g. at a bank, via eFiling and via EFT. For more detail on payment options, click here. To see how to release a payment at your bank, click here.

Top Tip: In addition to the available payment options, Customs payments can also be made at any SARS Customs office, for more information please read GEN-PAYM-01-G01 – SARS Payment Rules – External Guide.

Or see the Guide as an online webpage.

If you need to change your banking details you can do it:

  • On eFiling if you’re a registered eFiler
  • On the SARS MobiApp by clicking on the Profile Management button.
  • In person at any SARS branch if you’re not registered with eFiling (this may require you to make an appointment).
  • When completing and submitting your Income Tax Return for Individuals (ITR12).

For more detail on how to change your banking details, click here.


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