NetBank Business (Nedbank)

A credit push transaction refers to payments captured on eFiling by selecting NetBank Business for import and authorisation. To do credit push transactions on NetBank Business you need to:
  • Register at (refer to SARS eFiling for instructions to select NetBank Business for the payment)
  • Have a NetBank Business profile
  • Have the BDF service available on your NetBank Business profile and have designated users with the right to capture/import/authorise BDF payments
  • Have funds available for payment and/or have a sufficient limit.
The following steps can be followed when making a payment to SARS on a NetBank Business profile:
  • Log onto NetBank Business
  • Go to ‘Transactions/Payments – eBill payments’
  • Select debit account
  • Submit
  • Authorise eBill payment.
To find the eBill payments batch as generated on SARS eFiling:

Select the batch that needs to be submitted for authorisation:

Select the debit account number from the dropdown list. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Submit’ for authorisation.

To authorise the batch select ‘Authorise eBill payments’:

Click on the batch:


Click ‘Authorise’ in the bottom right corner:


For more information or further assistance please contact:

Netbank Internet banking – 0860 115 060
Nedbank Contact Centre – 0860 555 111/International dialling: +27 11 710 4000
Disclaimer: The information published concerning the banks’ products has been provided by the relevant banks and SARS has been granted permission to make this information available on our website.


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