Tax during all life stages and events

In this section of the website we’ve simply provided you with some key life stages and how tax matters need to be considered.

  • Tax and starting work. No one teaches you about tax so here are a few helpful tips as to what elements you need to consider.
  • Tax and emigration. Here are a few helpful hints for you if sadly you are leaving our beautiful country. You will also be able to read about Foreign Employment Tax Exemption.
  • Tax and retirement. When we retire we have lots of plans and things to do. But please you’ll need to consider your tax situation as well.
  • Tax and deceased estates. When you suffer a loss you don’t know where to turn and there is so much to sort out at a time when you least feel like doing anything. So here are a few simple notes to help you.
  • Tax and disability. Here you can learn what criteria are applied to disability and what tax benefits are available.
  • Tax and travellers. The all-important information on what you can and cannot bring into South Africa when travelling.
  • Tax and trusts. Here we look at the tax implications for Trusts.
  • Tax and non-residents. There are tax considerations here to bear in mind if you are not resident here in South Africa.
  • Tax and Embassy Employees. And here a special section for the Embassy staff here in South Africa.

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