The first VATNews was released on 1 March 1995 and the Afrikaans version thereof, BTW Nuus, was first published in August 2004. These documents were used as communication tools to inform stakeholders of new developments in terms of the Value-Added Tax Act, 1991, and were published twice a year.
The VAT News / BTW Nuus has been replaced by the VAT Connect from August 2011.
The latest copies of the VAT Connect are available under Newsletters.
The earlier copies of the VATNews are listed in the order they were issued for ease of reference.
VATNews Issue Number​Date issued
VATNews 1March 1995
VATNews 2​June 1995
​​VATNews 3​September 1995
​​VATNews 4​December 1995
​​VATNews 5March 1996
​​VATNews 6May 1996
​​VATNews 7August 1996
​​VATNews 8December 1996
​​VATNews 9February 1997
​​VATNews 10​March 1997
​​VATNews 11​September 1998
​​VATNews 12​February 1999
VATNews 13 ​December 1999
​​VATNews 14​March 2000
​​VATNews 15​August 2000
​​VATNews 16​March 2001
​​VATNews 17​August 2001
​​VATNews 18​November 2001
​​VATNews 19May 2002
​​VATNews 20​September 2002
VATNews 21​May 2003
VATNews 22​September 2003
​​VATNews 23​February 2004
​​VATNews 24​August 2004
​​VATNews 25​February 2005
VATNews 26​July 2005
VATNews 27​February 2006
​​VATNews 28​August 2006
​​VATNews 29​February 2007
VATNews 30​September 2007
VATNews 31​February 2008
​​VATNews 32​August 2008
​​VATNews 33​February 2009
VATNews 34​August 2009
​​VATNews 35​February 2010
VATNews 36​August 2010
​​VATNews 37​February 2011

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